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The New and Inproved Type of Sauna

Is there really a difference between traditional and infrared saunas?


You bet there is.

And in this short chapter, you will discover how infrared saunas are much better then the traditional saunas.


- Heating method
- Temperature

- Heat-up time

- Amount of energy used for typically sized room



Far Infrared Saunas utilize the principle of Radiant Heat. Radiant Heat transfer radiant energy from an emitting heat source to a specific object; in Far Infrared Saunas, the object that directly heated is the human body.


Far Infrared Light Waves tuned to the human body are emitted by large high-tech Carbon Heater Panels mounted in the wall and floor of the infrared sauna. Our bodies readily absorb infrared energy since the tuned infrared light waves and the human body vibrates at the same frequency. This process is called Resonant Absorption: the absorption of electromagnetic energy at a frequency such that the photon energy is equal to a quantum excitation energy of the absorbing system.

The process of Resonant Absorption excites the human body at the
cellular/molecular level, producing numerous physical and chemical changes within the body that are
directly responsible for improved health and wellness.


Carbon heater panels emit a special bandwidth of tuned infrared light energy that penetrates human
body tissues, muscles, and organs up 3 inches below the skin. Inside the body, the light energy is
converted into heat energy. In physics, this reaction is called Direct Light Conversion. An infrared sauna
literally heats the human body from the inside out.

The soothing warmth you feel in an infrared sauna is from your body heating up when the infrared light
energy turns into heat. Infrared sauna cabin air temperatures are 30-70 degrees Fahrenheit lower than
traditional saunas, which creates a relaxed and comfortable environment.

The heat-up time of an infrared sauna can reach the same temperature as a traditional sauna in 1/3 the time.


Over the past decade, the advent of far infrared radiant heat has revolutionized the sauna industry in the United States. The long list of dynamic health benefits credited to far infrared therapy has been scientifically researched and medically documented for more than 30 years. Quality infrared carbon panel heat emitters have taken the safety, efficiency, and comfort of Far Infrared Saunas to a new level of home sauna performance and user satisfaction.

Far Infrared Saunas have replaced traditional saunas (steam saunas and hot rock) as the sauna of choice for Americans for several notable reasons: Safety, Efficiency, Comfort, Durability, Economy of Use, and Ease of Maintenance.



First and foremost, infrared heat is Safe, Essential, and Healthy for ALL living beings.

In fact, hospitals across the USA have been using far-infrared heat to keep newborn and premature babies warm for decades.

One of the cornerstones of far infrared sauna therapy is detoxification of the body. The congested fatty/water tissues, which store the majority of collected toxins, acids, pathogens, and carcinogens in your body, are broken down into smaller particles by the vibrational effect of tuned Far Infrared Energy at the cellular level.

These smaller particles of toxins, fats, PCB’s, and heavy metals are expelled through the pores of your skin through vigorous sweating. The sweat produced using a Far Infrared Sauna can contain up to 20% toxic cellular waste and environmental pollutants!


Regular Far Infrared Sauna Therapy has become a recognized, results-driven tool for optimum health maintenance, metabolic balance, increased immune function, and disease prevention.

Far Infrared Saunas have provided serious, results-based therapy for more than 100 different health conditions (including Cancer Therapy) over the past three decades. The air temperature inside an infrared sauna is 30-70 degrees F cooler than conventional saunas.... remember, your body is being heated directly instead of being baked by hot air.

Because infrared saunas heat more body mass and increase the core body temperature without burning the skin, you will sweat twice as much as you do with a traditional hot air sauna. Breathing is easy and natural.


Far Infrared Saunas offer an inviting, comfortable atmosphere with warm, gentle heat waves rolling over your entire body. Compared to using a conventional sauna, you will find the experience much more pleasant, much safer to use, and enjoy numerous proven health benefits! (view a page about infrared sauna health benefits)

A few health conditions may actually prevent the therapeutic use of a far infrared sauna. View a list of contraindications and conditions that may preclude you from using an infrared sauna. If you have any concerns about a specific condition, please refer to a qualified medical advisor.

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