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Horizontal Backrests

From the appearance of both images below, they look like they both can do the job and make you happy for years right?



Not so fast.  One of these styles will not keep you happy and the other will. Can you tell by looking at the images?

And in this chapter, we will reveal what the best backrests designs are and why.



Many sauna manufacturers use widely spaced horizontal slat backrests. It is literally impossible to lean back on a wide-spaced horizontal backrest and be comfortable. The slats dig into your ribs and spine. Ouch!

Cheap saunas builders lower their production costs by offering an inadequate number of backrest slats and pretend as if it's a feature to maximize exposure to the carbon heating panels. However, wide-spaced horizontal slats allow arms, elbows, and hands to come in direct contact with carbon panels or ceramic faceplates. Poor design and definitely not safe.

Many manufacturers of saunas with wide-spaced horizontal slats include a portable backrest, but these are simply a half measure to compensate for heat emitter ‘hot spots’ and uncomfortable horizontal slats.

Many home sauna dealers sell a “One Size Fits All”? portable backrest… looks good, works badly. 
Cumbersome, unstable, and ill-fitting. You really don’t need a “little wooden friend” in the sauna with you!



Properly spaced, vertical dowel backrests have been “people tested” to be the most comfortable backrest for an Infrared Sauna while allowing optimum exposure to the far-infrared light energy.

Vertical backrest dowels support your back comfortably and protect your hands, arms, and torso from coming into direct contact with the carbon heating panels. Important Safety Feature! No worries, vertical backrests will not prevent you from receiving all the far-infrared energy that your body will absorb.

Vertical dowels allow you to be close to the heat emitting carbon panels without “hot spots” and you can lean right up against the backrest, without having to wiggle around all the time looking for a comfortable position.

Vertical backrests on sauna walls are the logical choice in terms of comfort, safety, and efficiency.


Horizontal Slats = UNCOMFORTABLE


Vertical dowel backrest Slats = COMFORTABLE

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