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Sauna Wiring Safety 

How much does wiring matter when you have a sauna?


Read below and see why you need to pay attention to the hidden part of your sauna, the wiring!

And in this chapter, I’m going to cover what you need to avoid any why.



Most cheap saunas have cheap wiring configurations; thin gauge wires which are poorly insulated and improperly shielded for EMF. Light gauge wiring with thin insulation does not hold up well over time.

Excessive heat from the conductive wire dries and cracks the insulation and exposed wires
are definitely a safety issue.

Further, some inexpensive saunas often have an unenclosed central processing unit, power
converters, junction blocks, and circuit board relays. Excess heat from unenclosed electrical
components can dry out the wood in the roof cap and is contrary to standard electrical safety


Proper EMF Wire Shielding protects the sauna user from stray flux radiation and prevents
wiring from coming into direct contact with wood (fire hazard). Look for all major electronic
components to be enclosed in a safe metal housing.

Every heating panel should also be equipped with both an electrical fault sensor and thermostat to cut off power in the event of a malfunctioning or overheating panel.

Your Safety is a prime consideration at Rocky Mountain Saunas. All electrical wiring is the proper gauge with heavy-duty insulation. All high-voltage electrical wiring is encased in reflective metal flex conduit covered by insulation and is certified EMF shielded. Junction terminals and all primary electrical components are encased in a sturdy steel housing.


Two individual thermostats/Safety Sensors, connected to each heating panel, are designed to shut off the individual panel in the event of an electrical overload or high voltage fluctuations. Our stringent safety precautions are documented and verified by Four Internationally Accredited, Independent Testing Laboratories. ( read more: under Warranties.

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