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If you have made it this far, then you know there is something you watch out for, right?   


When making an investment of this size, you really need to understand what type of warranty, service, and support you are getting.  

And in this chapter, I’m going to show you how to protect yourself by what you look for.

There are lots of pretty pictures of far infrared saunas on the Internet today. How can I tell if they
are a good product or a bad product? Many far infrared sauna vendors offer so called ‘Lifetime
Warranties’ these days, so it is of prime importance to know more about the Company’s History,
Customer Service Policies, Return of Defective Parts, Replacement Parts policy, Shipping Costs
of defective and replacement parts.


Ask the far infrared sauna company representative exactly how their Company would handle a
typical Warranty claim to ensure that they have a responsive, efficient system in place to resolve
your concerns in a timely manner. 
Make sure that the Terms of the Condition of Sale/Warranty
are readily available for your perusal.




There are numerous far infrared sauna dealers that claim to have a “Lifetime Warranty”.

Upon closer inspection, nearly all of these so-called ‘Lifetime Warranties” are “Limited Warranties”!~ and, as such, are not Lifetime Warranties at all!!

You will discover that many dealers will carry warranties of only a few years on the Far Infrared Heat Emitters. Most dealers do not carry a lifetime warranty on all of the electrical components: i.e., control panels, CPU, wiring harnesses, terminal blocks and relay junctions, circuit boards, lighting components, and light bulbs, power cords, thermostats, oxygen ionizers, etc. Most manufacturers have limited-term warranties on their workmanship and materials.

Rocky Mountain Saunas offers unsurpassed Customer Service and a Full-Service Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship and material, including All Electrical and Interior Components.

Your Rocky Mountain Saunas Full-Service Lifetime Warranty is in effect as long as you own your sauna.

Replacement parts are modular and easy to install with live phone service assistance available. Standard Company Policy is for all replacement parts to be shipped, Postage Paid, within 24-48 hours of determination of defective components. We do not require the return of defective components.

Qualified Rocky Mountain Saunas employees and family members, located in Colorado, handle all Customer Service and Technical Support issues. Live Customer Service Support is available by phone, 9-4 MST, Monday - Friday.

Worst Case Scenario: If Rocky Mountain Saunas determines that an ‘in-home’ service call is required to resolve a particular warranty or service issue, there is never charge for labor, service, or replacement components for as long as you own your Rocky Mountain Sauna!


















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